What’s Next?

Brighton platform
Brighton Beach train station, Brooklyn, NY   November 2016   Photo by Ellen Blanchette

Written by Ellen Blanchette
July, 17, 2019

The big news this week has been about the President’s racist remarks directed at four new members of Congress who apparently offend him. Or get under his skin.  Was it about their politics or the color of their skin?  Today the House members voted for a resolution condemning President Trump for his racist remarks, when he told these four American women to “go back where they came from,” a rather common remark often aimed at immigrants or new people who intrude into a community that thinks it owns the space they live in.  I say common, (I really mean low) but also just in places like New York City, Brooklyn, Queens all those boroughs where newly arrived immigrants find themselves treated as if they’re intruding into the social structure of a community.  I find that people in small towns are a lot more welcoming to newcomers, places where there is less competition for space, where pretty gardens and wide lawns allow for an ease in life not so common in crowded cities.  I lived a long time in New York and so got used to the common behavior but even so, to say something like that to a member of Congress, and with the power and stature of the Presidency as yours, this is shocking and unacceptable behavior.  So the vote to condemn the President’s actions was righteous.  And barely enough.

The next thing that happened was another member of Congress, Representative Al Green, Democrat from Texas, put forth Articles of Impeachment, citing those racist remarks as his reason to begin the process to remove the President from office, saying his behavior is proof he is not fit for office.

This is actually something Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, said months ago, when asked.  And yet she continues to resist the temptation to go along with those who want Trump impeached, not because she thinks he’s a good president but because she believes it is important to build the case first.  Pelosi seems to believe there is a case to be made but that it needs to be built on solid ground through various committee hearings that will  helps convince the public that this is what we have to do.  The slow process of government is truly frustrating when many Americans are shocked daily by the President’s actions and words.  There are the children separated from their families, locked in cages, sleeping on concrete floors while in custody of the Border Patrol. There are the various insults to our allies.  Just last week Trump insulted the Ambassador from England forcing him to resign his post even though the leadership of that country supported him.  When have you ever heard of such a thing?  It seems a daily event, the chaos, the dismay, the feeling the nation is coming off the rails and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

What does come next?  It’s really hard to say.  For my part, I just keep trying to get a good night’s sleep every night.  It’s important to keep up your health when living with such constant worry.  I’m thinking of going swimming at the YMCA on Friday.  I think a little time in the pool would be good for me.


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